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Authentic Seafood Market Just Steps From The Beach

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Under Water


Captain Anthony is a master stone crabber and has been crabbing for over 55 years in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. He has been supplying his fresh catch to world famous restaurants, famous customers, and tables like yours!

The Captain is originally from Tampa, Florida and has been fishing since a child; owning his first boat at the age of 12. Committed to supplying only the freshest catch, Captain Anthony still leverages his deep knowledge to build, set, and pull more than 1,000 stone crab traps with the help of his experienced team. 


Captain Anthony lives on beautiful Anna Maria Island, Florida with his lovely wife, Joann. His legacy continues; as people come from all over the country to fish with him because of his intimate knowledge of the gulf waters.

"Fishing these waters is like second nature to me... I can't imagine my life any other way!"

~ Captain Anthony Manali


JoAnn began life in Buffalo, N.Y. and her family moved frequently; with stops in Cleveland, Phoenix and Riverview, Florida, where her love of fishing took root.

“There was a small pond in the backyard with a little dock we could fish from. That pond gave me many happy memories, learning to fish and setting trotlines with John (her older brother). I fell in love with fishing and almost lived on that dock. It took me away from all the problems at home."


As a young adult, JoAnn relocated to Tampa, where she hung glass on high-rise buildings with one of her sisters. She then moved to Tennessee, where another sister lived. In Tennessee, JoAnn’s life was forever changed by a kindly mentor who taught her how to make prosthetic limbs and support braces. She later turned that knowledge into the prosthetic and brace business she owned and operated for more than two decades along Florida’s west coast – a successful business endeavor that allowed her to purchase a boat and eventually retire early. 

JoAnn attended fishing seminars given by Chris Galati and Captain Anthony Manali. Yep, The Captain! She hired Anthony to take her and her friends fishing and to learn about boating from a seasoned pro. As they grew closer, one day, she finally asked him on a dinner date,
(which is lovingly detailed in her memoir) and the rest, as they say, is history!

“I hired him to be my captain. I married him because I fell in love with him. I couldn’t believe what a wonderful fisherman he was, but he’s also a wonderful person” 

~ JoAnn Manali

JoAnn's memoire shares more information about her. It is available for purchase online:

JoAnn Manali Find What's Missing Book Thumbnail w/ Review
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